Titanium Anode BasketThe Manufacturing ISM Report On Business reported that, “Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in February for the third consecutive month.” They also found that, “Respondents are saying.’Automotive is still going strong, which allows for budgeting for capital equipment.’”

Brian Bowman, CEO of Imperial Rack (1988) London Inc., a family owned business that manufactures electro-plating racks used mainly by automotive suppliers, agrees. Bowman explains, “In the fiscal year of 2011, we only had 2 full time employees who were working 4 days per week (32 hours). By the spring of 2012 our work force increased to 5 full time and currently today we have 9 who are working 6 days per week (48 hours). In the fiscal year of 2012 we had the largest total sales in the history of the company and are currently on track to break that record this year. If this trend continues it will be necessary to hire more employees to cover an afternoon shift. We have numerous outstanding quotes for jobs that will guarantee business through the rest of 2013 and into 2014. All of the increases in orders are directly related to the auto industry.”


We, at RIGHTech Fabrication, have found that in the last 3-4 months there has been an increase in orders and activity level for titanium anode baskets from our customers. The increased demand for anode baskets signals the continued improvement of the manufacturing industry in North America as the economy and automotive industry continue to rebound.

Whether customers come to us looking for one of RIGHTech’s many standard sized anode baskets or are looking for a custom design to meet the needs of a special job, our sales team, design team, and manufacturing staff are ready to deliver.

As manufacturing demand continues to grow, we’re here to help you with all of your anode basket fabrication requirements.

Our Ability to Design

We understand that for many customers, our standard titanium anode baskets will meet your plating needs the majority of the time.

However, what do you do when you have a specializied project that requires a custom basket design?

Rightech Fabrication’s knowledgeable sales staff and design team are experienced in aiding  you in custom basket design decisions and improvements. Contact us today and ask how we can help make your baskets stronger and more durable.

Our Ability to Deliver

RIGHTech Fabrication is known for our ability to deliver any size requirement on a demanding time schedule. We’re here to meet all of your anode basket needs for your copper, nickel, or zinc plating applications and deliver on time.

Our in-house capabilities allows for rapid prototyping and streamlined production,. From sales, to engineering, to manufacturing, and shipping, RIGHTech Fabrication delivers.

Our Production Quality

RIGHTech Fabrication’s cutting edge technology, clean facilities, and superior welding techniques provide customers with the strongest and most durable titanium anode baskets available.

Our Dedication to Customer Service

Those that have worked with RIGHTech Fabrications before know that delivering our customers a quality product, on time, and to specification is our top priority.

Let us know how we can help and we’ll be there. Our industry expert sales staff is here to help you improve your process, provide prompt quotes, make site visits, and advise on design improvements. Whether quoting a job, reporting on production status, or updating on delivery schedules, RIGHTech Fabrication is there for their customers and prospects from initial product request all the way through delivery and beyond.


RIGHTech Fabrication is excited and optimistic about the early indications that we have seen of a rebound of manufacturing in North America in the automotive sector and manufacturing market. Let us help you produce a quality product for your customers.

Titanium Anode Baskets