Being part of the metal finishing industry for over 40-years, and an active member of the National Association for Surface Finishing 1000, we, at RIGHTech Fabrications are always excited to see interesting and  positive industry coverage of our field.

We recently came across a fascinating DVD put out by the History Channel, Modern Marvels: Chrome, explaining America’s love of chrome and featuring some of our industry clients and friends.

Modern Marvels: Chrome Plating featuring Rightech Fabrications Titanium Anode BasketsThe program follows the history of chrome plating,  covering an array of applications from the origin and discovery of chromium, to the storied history of chrome”s use on hot rods, automobiles, and truck accessories.  The DVD goes on to explain how chrome is needed to make stainless steel, how it is used in architecture, as well as discussing some of the practical applications of electroplating chrome finishes on metals and plastics.

At 8 minutes and 35 seconds in the History Channel documentary, they profile one of our valued customers, Arlington Plating, and walk you through the process of chrome plating aluminum and magnesium parts. You can see the RIGHTech Fabrication Titanium Anode Baskets hanging in the nickel plating tank prior to entering the chrome plating tank. WATCH BELOW.

Chrome Plating has been an important part of the U.S. metal finishing market for many decades. Our fascination with chrome finishes and its cultural significance is unparalleled in the world. We are proud of the work that has been done to improve the chrome plating process.

As many of you know, the metal finishing industry has reduced chromium emissions by over 99.7% since 1995 from 173 tons to below one half ton to make our working environments safe. However, the EPA has determined this is not enough and threatens the existence of chrome plating within our borders.

We can all play a role in helping Chrome Platers and more generally, the metal finishing industry, by supporting the National Association for Surface Finishing.  WE NEED to support each other so we can mount a viable and successful challenge to regulatory and statutory actions that threaten the metal finishing industry. For more information on the NASF and regulations please visit their website