High Density, Precision, 6-Way Rack

High Density, Precision, 6-Way Rack










More efficient equipment means more efficient production. Streamlining manufacturing processes directly translates to a more robust bottom line. That’s the goal of every plant owner. And, that’s the principle behind RIGHTech Fabrication’s innovative 6-Way Rack.

RIGHTech’s Titanium 6-Way Utility Racks multiply load size 50% over more traditional 4-way racks. 6-Way Racks process more parts per load for conventional job shops, pin rack users, high volume/small job runs and loads limited by tank size. The 6-Way Rack’s laser cut center discs insure accurate rack assembly and minimize down time. The precision design of its support discs’ also expedite more even current transfer down rack sections. Each production run results in more and better parts.

Splines extend 11/2” from the 6-Way Rack bottom to facilitate cradle placement and make it easy to rotate the rack for loading and unloading. This additional dimension protects bottom fingers from damage, prolonging rack life and maintaining the 6-Way load volume advantage. The balance of the extra spline length continues at the rack top for hook mounting. In addition, this larger spline cross-section accommodates increased amperage when required.

Rack tips come in multiple designs. Centers are offered in three sizes (1/2” for 432 stations; ¾” for 288 stations; or 1” for 216 stations). Rack length is variable. Finger spacing options range from ½” up to 1”. Custom adjustments are always available by working with RIGHTech’s CEF certified engineering and sales team, experts in metal and plastic construction. On-site laser technology as well as CAD and SoldiWorks design guarantee precision production of all custom racking system.

Visit RIGHTech’s website to insure that you’re always current on the newest designs to enhance your bottom line.