Expanded Metal

                  Expanded Metal


                                         Samples of Perforated Slotted Metal

Slotted Panel 4 (2) Slotted Panel 3 (2)







Slotted Panel 2 (2) Slotted Panel 1 (2)








All of our customers’ Electroplating and Anodizing processes are based on Lines-of-Sight. Whether depositing nickel on the surface of a cathodic racked part or converting aluminum to its oxide on an anode rack, those processes work best in straight lines that connect anodes to cathodes. Good electrochemical processes in Plating, Anodizing or Electropolishing depend on careful control of anode area, cathode area and that straight line connecting the two.

We are constantly being challenged to hold things inside those electroplating cells. We must maintain strength of structure, keep anode materials or the work being processed tightly in place, and even sometimes manage drainage, all while providing the proper amount of open area so that the current flows to all the right places.

RIGHTech Fabrications uses expanded and perforated sheet to make anode baskets, dipping baskets and a variety of masks, all of which regulate Plating and Anodizing processes. Our standard expanded sheet employs a ¼ x ½ diamond pattern to provide an economical shape with between 61% and 70% open area. This sheet is great for the flat surfaces of anode baskets and is easy to fabricate where most of the bends are parallel to the Short Way of Diamond (SWD). [See Expanded Metal illustration above.]

When more precise control of shape or open area is required, RIGHTech prefers perforated sheet. Outside vendors are used for the largest perforating jobs. But, for smaller, custom baskets, trays and masks, we use our own custom perforated sheet in a variety of patterns. These clever bits of metal can create tiny holes to hold the smallest parts yet still provide 13% to 41% open area. [See Samples of Perforated Sheet Panels illustration above.]

RIGHTech’s laser, water jet and CNC punch are amazingly fast and flexible in creating whole-y solutions to electroplating design problems.

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