Contact your RIGHTech sales rep to get your own Titanium Shield key fob.

Contact your RIGHTech sales rep to get
your own Titanium Shield key fob.








We like gadgets as much as the next guy. What we don’t like is the vibranium shield of one particular, caped crusader. Each time a deadly object (Is there any other kind?) hits that shield, it goes PING. Wrong! Vibranium isn’t supposed to vibrate so it can’t make that pinging sound.

As the legend goes, the shield, an experimental alloy of steel and vibranium, was created by accident in a government lab. Efforts by various villains to reproduce it always fail, though re-engineering did stumble upon the existence of another imaginary element, adamantium. Accidents! Imaginary solutions! Impossibilities! These may be fine for comic book chemistry and design. But, RIGHTech doesn’t tolerate mistakes due to inattention or lack of experience. These things won’t happen when you work with us.

Our CEF certified sales and design staffs know what questions to ask to build in the answers to your problems. For almost half a century, RIGHTech has been your source for anodizing racks, heat exchangers, material handling systems, titanium metal and value-added services. We don’t wear capes (usually), but you can count on RIGHTech Fabrications to safeguard your reputation with the finest design, products and workmanship in the metal finishing industry.

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