Water Jet cutting provides precise shapes & savings

Water Jet cutting provides
precise shapes & savings








Manufacturing research can take you to some very odd places. In keeping up with the newest fabrication technologies and making sure we use them effectively for our clients, I found myself at a Kickstarter (crowd funding) campaign for the PancakeBot batter plotter.

It all looked surprisingly familiar. Both RIGHTech’s water jet and the bot had a gantry and a bed. Granted, the water jet bed at 5 feet x 10 feet would make for some monumentally huge pancakes. But, I thought we were still in well-known territory. Our water jet, Omax Model 60120, is equipped with a Tilt-A-Jet to help square cuts and its 50 HP 60,000 psi pump slices through the thickest titanium we need to cut. The Pancake Bot came with software and suggested artwork to make our designer pancakes just as sleek and precise.

It wasn’t until we tried the Mona Lisa pancake that we knew additional, batter research would be required.

Mona Lisa???

Mona Lisa???










So, we persevered through stars and circles and a variety of blobs, until we flipped our most recent effort and found the familiar face of Homer Simpson staring back at us. In the end, we ate quite a few delicious pancakes (even the blobs) and mastered yet another manufacturing technology. Who knew research could be so much fun?

13-Homer Simpson pancake








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