Anode Hooks

                      Anode Hooks

Titanium plating baskets were invented in the early 1960’s, partially as a result of a decline in defense spending from a decade earlier. As the military turned from bombers to land-bases missiles, they left a glut of metal on the titanium market. Mill prices declined by as much as 67% and metal finishers were finally able to afford the titanium which could make their operations much more efficient and cost effective.

Previously, standard practice for handling soluble metal anodes in plating shops was to hang a slab anode of zinc, copper, nickel or whatever material was to be plated from a hook, suspended from a bar, connected to the positive side of a power source – an anode hook. (It’s still a mystery how shops kept silver slabs from walking away. But, that’s another story.)

Titanium baskets were a great invention. By allowing better control of anode surface area, they solved a huge problem in the plating tank. And, they saved material handling time by eliminating the endless recycling of the anode spears created as every slab dissolved.

But, anode hooks didn’t completely disappear. Good plating practice knows that in high voltage processes titanium baskets will corrode, and that for small cells or prototype development, a hook based anode can be easily assembled. There will always be some chemistries in which titanium doesn’t work well, especially solutions that are fluoride based.

RIGHTech Fabrications has our plating customers covered. We have standard anode hooks from 3 inches long to 8 inches long and in a range of material useful in any plating shop: Titanium, Monel, 316 SS, Copper and Mild Steel.  Not only do we have standard hooks, but our shop is ready with custom features, threads and shapes.

Whether your technology utilizes titanium baskets for your plating anodes or you are a slab-using shop in need of anode hooks, RIGHTech Fabrications has what you need when you need it.

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