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Jim Leopold










In 1967 when Jim Leopold purchased what is now RIGHTech Fabrications, it consisted of only three employees in a converted dairy in suburban Chicago, working with a metal few people even knew existed. Almost 50 years later, Titanium is a marketing buzzword for everything from industrial equipment to medical implants. And, Jim Leopold, turning 98 this week, is still watching it grow and prosper.

RIGHTech is a leading manufacturer of Titanium Anodizing Racks and Anode Baskets, and Gridcoil Heat Exchangers fabricated from Titanium, Stainless Steel and Zirconium. Our design and sales staffs are expert in the technologies used by anodizers and electroplaters around the world. It was Jim who firmly established this product line and placed special emphasis on customer service, a legacy that remains today.

Throughout its history, RIGHTech has always subscribed to a continuous quality improvement philosophy, recognizing that success is based on its ability to meet customers’ specific needs with the right products. Looking to its employees to contribute to the company’s growth, RIGHTech reaches its corporate goals by solving problems, making prompt deliveries and providing top quality service.

In 2013, after selling off its distribution arm, RIGHTech returned to its original manufacturing focus. Today, led by Jim’s son Richard, it continues to be a global leader in innovative design and on-time delivery for the metal finishing industry. Please join all of us at RIGHTech Fabrications in wishing Jim Leopold a Happy 98th Birthday!

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