Titanium is a unique and amazing element. It is exceptionally light and enormously strong. It withstands the punishing stress and heat extremes of commercial and military aviation and yet, is the metal of choice for the most delicate, medical implants. It is remarkably durable, forming a spontaneous, protective, oxide film when exposed to oxygen. And, titanium literally colors itself, bursting into a rainbow of intense, long-lasting surface finishes when anodized or laser etched.

Since 1790, when it was first identified as an element, titanium has challenged metallurgists and artists to make use of its wide range of amazing properties. Expensive to refine and difficult to fabricate, titanium’s allure continues to grow in great part because it is so complex and stunning.

Named for the Titans, mythological gods of legendary might, titanium takes its identity from this power. RIGHTech power lays in the uncompromising values we have always set for design, fabrication and service. At RIGHTech Fabrications, we are proud of our long history of providing commercially pure titanium for industrial applications. We are metallurgists, chemists, welders, benders, designers, engineers – dozens of men and women who have learned the technology of titanium and continue to put those lessons to excellent use in serving our customers worldwide.

Titanium is what we do – what we’ve always done.

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