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At RIGHTech Fabrications, quality has always been our driving force. James Leopold taught us that quality means delivering just what the customer wants, on time, every time. We use our ISO 9001:2008 process to consistently deliver great titanium fabrications. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that RIGHTech passed its annual, ISO audit with no (as in zero) adjustments. We work at quality every day, in every department and it shows.

RIGHTech’s quality commitment starts with management and flows to every level. In order for this commitment to thrive, we work hard to share our good quality news throughout our company and with our customers. We know that whether quality shows itself as careful order entry or the client sign-off on an innovative rack design, our attention to detail is the critical, quality component of every RIGHTech Fabrications product. Our ISO process helps us to maintain that consistency right through to our customers. Getting it right at each stage in the order, design and fabrication processes mean that subsequent steps will go smoothly.

The journey to quality is never a solo passage, but one that demands all hands on deck. From the beginning, RIGHTech has practiced and rewarded quality. It’s the only way our employees know how to perform their jobs. It has always been our foremost promise to you.

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