There is nothing more important to our customers than selecting the right material for their applications.

The corrosion guide books are long on testing-based corrosion recommendations and surprisingly short on theory of corrosion.  At RIGHTech Fabrications, our experience is focused on corrosion that happens in watery solutions.  Our expertise comes from decades of applications and seeing corrosion due to:

  • General attack
  • Pitting
  • Galvanic Corrosion
  • Crevice Corrosion
  • Stress corrosion

We continue to make a promise to our customers that we will share our experience on material selections.

A recent zirconium gridcoil application is typical of the challenges our customers face.  The customer wanted to use zirconium as the heat transfer surface in a hot, 180oF, 15% sulphuric acid pickling tank.  With steam as the heating medium, zirconium should have been a great choice. Zirconium supplier Allegheny Technologies AT Corrosion Guide suggests a corrosion rate that should have been modest and the coil should have had a reasonable life time.  But, the parts being processed had been welded before they were introduced into the acid tank. A trace of fluoride in the flux turned a great application into a corrosion failure. Once we identified the culprit, we had the customer change the flux being used in the welding step. Problem solved. Gridcoil successful.

We are a great resource for helping our customers make corrosion selections.  Give us a call and let us discuss all of your details to help you make a good selection. RIGHTech Limited Warranty

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