RIGHTech's HiLode® Rack System








The art and science of anodizing is complex. The science combines electricity and chemistry to describe how thin films of oxidation are built up on aluminum surfaces. The art component, the loading, unloading and holding of small parts, is often even trickier. RIGHTech’s HiLode® high capacity racking system is exactly what you need to make art and science work for you.

High capacity racks can increase parts per load as much as 500% over individual racks, while insuring that rectifier and tank capacities are fully utilized. HiLode® systems are workhorses. Every HiLode® rack takes into consideration…

Parts Variety – Each high capacity frame should accept many different rack types. This allows your line to simultaneously run multiple small jobs as well as large ones. A racking system that can handle an assortment of racks and their corresponding assortment of parts needs only a minimum number of system hooks, thereby reducing the types and amount of equipment needed to run your operation.

23-HiLode Rack Clips 2004





Ease of Racking – The best quick-connect systems allow for one handed click in and out of any and all racks. Tilting each rack as it is loaded not only greatly reduces the prospect of part fall off and keeps your system running at full capacity, but also insures easy assembly.

Reducing System Down Time – Your rack manufacturer should have a supply of replacement hardware in stock, ready to ship to you for onsite repair. Using a frame and racks that must be returned to the factory only adds to your down time.

High density racking is fast and remarkably simple in concept. But, doing it well requires intimate knowledge of your operating resources and product requirements. RIGHTech has spent decades matching your needs with our experience to create great equipment.

RIGHTech is your resource for baskets, heat exchangers, racks and fasteners in titanium and a wide variety of corrosion resistance materials. We serve you with in-house water jet and laser cutting, CAD design, AWS trained welders and our own turning shop. Visit RIGHTech’s website to insure that you’re always current on the newest designs to enhance your bottom line.