Over 50 years in the metal finishing industry has helped RIGHTech Fabrications evolve into a lean and effective company, focusing on the products and design solutions you need to succeed. Our continuing investment in technology and training helps you keep costs down while getting your jobs done right the first time. And, we have been this kind of industry leader for decades.

In 1962, Jim Trinz opened Vulcanium Corporation, a titanium fabricator based in Northbrook, Illinois. Five years later, James Leopold purchased this little company and put his innate, customer service skills to work to grow the firm. James’ son Richard bought out his father in 1986 and oversaw more expansion, as well as the creation of a titanium distribution arm. Having sold that distribution division in 2013 (along with the original name), Richard is now back to the company’s roots – RIGHTech Fabrications, designing and manufacturing corrosion-resistant baskets, heat exchangers, racks, fasteners, tanks and all manner of equipment for the global, metal finishing market.

RIGHTech is more than just titanium. We also fabricate in a variety of plastics, aluminum, stainless steel and zirconium. Some of our most unique products are made from titanium clad bar, tantalum and niobium. Our facility employs modern, manufacturing technologies in computer driven laser and water jet cutting, turning, milling, stamping and AWS welding.

Starting from a customer-approved print, hundreds of new orders received each week are out the door in 10 business days or less.  RIGHTech serves customers worldwide in all corners of the metal finishing industry. Our design portfolio reaches back decades as we have helped to solve your process and production line problems.

We look forward using the lessons of our first half century as we work together with you into the future.

Visit RIGHTech’s website to insure that you’re always current on the newest designs to enhance your bottom line.