Titanium Anodizing Racks & Material Handling Products

If you’re a RIGHTech Fabrications Anodizing customer, then you’re familiar with our racks and material handling systems. But, do you know about our innovative Plating equipment designs?

Titanium Coils & Baskets, Anodes & Cathodes for Electroplaters

If you’re a RIGHTech Fabrications Plating customer, then you’re familiar with our baskets, heat exchangers and plating racks. But, how about RIGHTech’s original Anodizing fabrications?

Do you also know to look to RIGHTech for titanium material, metric or standard fasteners in titanium and aluminum, or custom fabrications like tanks, liners and frames?

RIGHTech Fabrications has almost five decades of experience in all aspects of metal finishing. We are your best resource no matter what processes your lines run. We know so much about our industry that we couldn’t begin to fit it all on one business card. Our new two-sided cards remind you that we cover it all with a wealth of knowledge that no one else can touch.

Visit RIGHTech’s website to insure that you’re always current on the newest designs to enhance your bottom line.

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