Racks Baskets Coils Fasteners

RIGHTech Fabrications is your number one source for high quality racks, baskets, and coils. With over 40 years of design experience, our products are time tested and have become industry standard. With advanced capabilities such as CAD, Nesting, Laser Cutting, and CNC Machining, we are committed to giving you the best quality product produced in the most efficient manner to save you money.

Widely used in the Anodizing Industry, our racks combine high versatility for the racking of many different parts with economy, productivity, and precision.

Serving the Plating Industry, our baskets are fabricated using the latest design and welding technology for maximum strength and longest service life. Our coils provide an economical, efficient means to raise, or lower and maintain temperature of chemical solutions, brine or plain water.

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